BioXtract is active in the design, the production and the marketing of dietary supplements with high added value, mainly for pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sectors.  The main extraction technology used is the supercritical fluids extraction. Supercritical extracts are characterized by an original and not easily reproducible composition and are free from any organic solvent residues.  The products are standardized and formulated in order to guarantee their stability. They are based on a high quality scientific database and on complementary tests carried out by independent laboratories. The production of the supplements is subjected to a strict quality control based on BRC and IFS standards. Food safety controls are realised by independent and Beltest certified laboratories.

In addition to its own range of extracts, BioXtract also collaborates with companies in order to carry out the development and the production of their natural extracts.  We can act in the varietal selection, the raw material preparation and the development of innovating extraction protocols.  We also proceed to formulation, bioavailability and activity studies for the selected active ingredients. On the basis of its collaborations, creativity and dynamism, bioXtract is a partner of choice for technological innovation and extraction chemistry.

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